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Titre: آليات المفاضلة بين النماذج في التنبؤ بحجم المبيعات )الاختيار بين نموذج الانحدار ونموذج السلاسل الزمنية في التنبؤ( دراسة حالة : مؤسسة ملبنة الحضنة بالمسيلة
Auteur(s): بدار, عاشور
Date de publication: 25-jui-2015
Résumé: Forecasting estimation is the major element in most of the management of operations, thus the functions “sales” may be considered as the function highly interested in forecasting; to estimate sales. Many methods are available in the matter either qualitative or quantitative , the qualitative methods of forecasting lead generally two low precise results ,while the quantitative methods involve numbers in their analyses. As a main example of forecasting we site the “regression analysis” which considers sales as a variable dependent to one or more of independent variables, we site also the “time series analysis” which considers the sales as a series that may be treated by the know methods related to this subject. In this paper we shall compare between the to methods; which one will be better to estimate sales.
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Collection(s) :13 ème édition - 2013

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