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Titre: تأثير البرامج الاستثمارية العامة على النمو الإقتصادي والإندماج القطاعي - 1022 بين النظرية الكينزية واستراتيجية النمو غير المتوازن الفترة 1002
Auteur(s): صالحي, صالح
Date de publication: 24-jui-2015
Résumé: We elaborate in this research to introduce the characteristics of ICs and structure of the Algerian economy, which will be carried out in the framework of investment programs and public knowledge of the theoretical foundations to guide them and determine the effects of applied and demonstrate the size and distribution of the various sectoral limits relate to local capacities, and energy absorption of investments and estimate their expected impacts on sustainable economic growth, and integration economic and internal integration and conclude the subject of a series of proposals for valuing achievements, and alarm to the seriousness of some of the policies on national economic security in the long term.
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Collection(s) :13 ème édition - 2013

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