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Titre: الاطار المؤسسي والتشريعي لحاكمية المؤسسات المالية التجربة الماليزية
Auteur(s): عبد الكريم الخناق, سناء
Date de publication: 24-jui-2015
Résumé: Recently, many world crises have happened; which lead many developed countries to take important steps in order to strengthen corporate governance activists, and maximizing corporate performance and developing schemes to avoid or reduce fraud and conflicts of interest.The application of the principles of good corporate governance if what has it done right, it's a way forward for each of the individuals, institutions and society as a whole and lead to risk reduction and stimulate performance.This study aims to shed light on the concept of corporate governance, governance of banks and financial institutions and their significance, through institutional and legislative framework, as well as to identify the Malaysian experience in this regard.
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Collection(s) :12 ème édition - 2012

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