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Titre: أثر عناصر المزيج الترويجي على الإدمان الشرائي عند المرأة الأردنية
Auteur(s): غالب مقاطف و د, سيما
أحمد المومني, رائد
Date de publication: 15-jui-2015
Résumé: The study aimed to identify the affect of promotion mix on the shopping addiction by Jordanian women, to come out with conclusion and suggestions. The study has conclude that there are a relationship between promotion mix and shopping addiction by Jordanian women. And there where noticeable affect of all elements on the shopping addiction of Jordanian women, but with different levels, where the public relation was the most affective element of promotion mix, then come out in sequence advertising, personal selling and sales promotion. The study also has conclude that the addiction of buying influenced by demographic factors, in this regard the recognize the affect of these factors on addiction of Jordanian women towards excessive buying which is variable with age, education, occupation, income, resident, and marital states. The study has recognize that in the age categories the young women was more frequently buying than others. While in the categories of marital states and occupation the single women and unemployed have more frequent buying than others in the same categories. The rest of categories have less excessive and more rational in buying. Finally I found that all the promotion mix shown a positive affect on the addiction of Jordanian women on buying which lead to give a considerable attention to these elements and apply it professionally and affectively.
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Collection(s) :11 ème édition - 2011

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