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Titre: تحول ثقافة المؤسسة في ظل العولمة
Auteur(s): حسن عثمان, عثمان
Date de publication: 18-mai-2015
Résumé: The globalization is increasing the size and the broad global spread of all forms of transactions between different types of private economic. As a result of the lifting of barriers and laws which restrict the flow of goods, services, capital and information, these transactions and the spread of endemic companies in many countries, especially multinational companies and their affiliates or contracting with them, and increased migration of foreign labor with multicultural and diverse. The impact of this situation on the culture of local institutions and the development of such institutions and departments to unprecedented challenges, which requires a response and the need to pursue policies to ensure adapt to these changes and take advantage of them to serve the interests of the institution.
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Collection(s) :08 ème édition - 2008

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