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Titre: تحديدمستوى الاستخدام لنماذج صفوف الانتظار كأح ىالأساليب الكمية في الإدارة- دراسة حالة مستشفى الزهراوي بالمسيلة
Auteur(s): بوقرة, رابح
Date de publication: 17-mai-2015
Résumé: The success of any administrative institution is conditioned by the degree of its success in achieving its planned objectives and this success is primarily due to its ideal use of the available resources, Through the presented research it can be seen clearly the importance of the scarcity in the use of logical and scientific tools to help in making decisions. So, this study comes as a contribution to show the consciousness of decision makers in hospitals, so as to perform more applications related to these models which eventually will support the process of decision-making. Through the presented research, the study case was aimed in determining the level of using the waiting lines models in the hospital of Zahraoui in M’sila and the model used was waiting lines models, because of its importance in determining the time of services of patients.
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Collection(s) :07 ème édition - 2007

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