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Titre: رؤية استشرافية لأثر منظمة التجارة العالمية على أداء المنشآت الصغيرة في الوطن العربي
Auteur(s): بسمان, فيصل محجوب
Date de publication: 11-mai-2015
Résumé: The research loncentrates its attention on the study of the effect of the world Trade Organization (WTO) of the performance of the small companies in their new settings. Accordingly the research attempts to come up with conclusions and findings to determine whether the reaction of the small companies to their new working environment is based on strategic per-formance criterion or it is a randomized reaction.In other words the study attempts to out line a strategic vision for the operation of the small companies in the face of the Arab regional economic blocks such as the “Arab Free Trading Area” which has been recently established. The research adopts a strategic approach by concentrating on the analysis of the strength and weaknesses of the small companies and opportunities and threats imposed by their working environment. Indeed it sets out the formalization of strategic options which can be advocated by the small companies to face the new challenges of the (WTO) and Arab Regional Economic blocks, without being reactionary in their responses. In the light of the analysis and findings the small Arab companies to deal with the givings of the new circumstances.
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Collection(s) :02 ème édition - 2003

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