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Titre: The impact of financial reform on development of industry in Algeria
Auteur(s): Meliani, Hakim
Date de publication: 11-mai-2015
Résumé: The current changes towards privatisation in Algeria requires major financial reforms. The re-alignment and restructuring of financial sec- tor requires a better structured, managed, and regulated financial system. In order to assess the current reforms as well as the transition process towards an improved financial system, several important factors have to be considered. So, an evaluation of the past and present financial mar- kets operating in Algeria, as well as a considera- tion of the political and social climate that would accommodate future changes. Furthermore, an assessment of the alterna- tive financial systems present in the developed economies has to be made in order to evaluate which reforms would be most suitable so to sat- isfy the needs and demands for the Algerian economy as a whole in the face of international competition. In this paper, I will address the main issues of financial reforms that not only be able to accommodate the current privatisation policies but also promote the overall develop- ment of the industrial sector
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Collection(s) :02 ème édition - 2003

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