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Titre: Application of thermally and optically stimulated luminescence (TL&OSL) in radiation dosimetry : Elaboration and response study of Al2O3:Sb and BeOR dosimeter materials
Auteur(s): Benkhelifa, Chahra-Zed
Mots-clés: Stimulated luminescence
Date de publication: 21-mar-2024
Résumé: The main objective of this doctoral thesis project is the elaboration by sol-gel process and characterization by different techniques of Sb-doped Al2O3 (Al2O3:Sb).BeO dosimetry material was also characterized in terms of dose-response and luminescence kinetics. The tested dose-response, energy dependence and repeatability of Al2O3:Sb were optimal,by producing higher TL and OSL intensity signals,for an Sb dopant optimal amount of~1 wt%.The dose-response of Al2O3:Sb1% was linear of both TL&OSL signals within the studied dose range(0-80 Gy).The dose-response and the energy dependence (5 keV-18 MeV)of this material allow effective use in high-energy radiation detection and dosimetry. Repeatability test indicates standard deviation values of 4.4% for TL and 2.8% for OSL.The elaborated cheap and efficient Sb-doped Al2O3 TL-OSL material exhibits the same level performance as commercial Al2O3:C.The TL and OSL kinetics of a recently developed beryllium-oxide dosimeter BeOR have been studied using different methods, namely: peak shape(PS), FOK-GlowFit and GOK-CGCD. Main kinetics parameters were extracted and compared. Established kinetics and dose-response of BeOR demonstrate an advantage in the application of such dosimeter for photon dosimetry in radiotherapy.
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Collection(s) :Thèses de doctorat

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