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Titre: Irrigated farm management in semi-arid area East Algeria
Auteur(s): BENNIOU, R.
Van Damme, P.
Mots-clés: Crop diversification
risk management
farming systems
Date de publication: 2014
Collection/Numéro: Volume 6;2014
Résumé: The research presented in this paper focuses on the influence of irrigation water use on crop diversity of the production system in semi-arid area of Algeria. We hypothesis’ that farmers’ practices irrigation are explained by logics that need to be understood at farm level. The study was accent in farms’ diversity stratification on regional cart: the upper zone (UZ), the central zone (CZ) and the lower zone (LZ), was carried out via quantitative data collection in 120 randomly chosen units. In a second phase, 16 representative farms and 242 crop parcels, including 174 cereal crop fields, were subjected to a technico-economic follow-up during two consecutive years (CY1, CY2). We recorded periods and cropping methods on all parcels and investigated farmers’ rationale wedding these practices. Resource diversification and production cycles are based on availability and use of irrigation water and combine cereal and livestock production with other speculations such as: feed crops, vegetables and potatoes. This diversification is more or less pronounced according to farm type and area. It is stronger in the central and lower semi-arid area mainly occurring on medium-sired and small farms. Irrigation has a big role in explaining of crop diversity in semi-arid area.
URI/URL: http://dspace.univ-setif.dz:8888/jspui/handle/123456789/427
ISSN: 2 21 17 70 0 – – 1 10 05 59
Collection(s) :Irrigated farm management in semi arid area East Algeria

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