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Titre: The toxic effect of the total alkaloids extract of the seeds of Peganum harmala L. On ovogenesis, embryology, and fertility In rat Albinos Wistar.
Auteur(s): Bettihi, Sarra
Mots-clés: Peganum harmala L.
Oogenesis disruption
Date de publication: 24-mai-2023
Résumé: The aim of this study is to evaluate the toxic effect of the total alkaloid extract of the seeds of Peganum harmala L. on ovogenesis, embryology, and fertility in rat Albino Wistar. Peganum harmala L. (Zygophyllaceae)is a medicinal plant known locally as Harmel. Traditional medicine has used the seeds as an emmenagogue and abortifacient agent,as well as for other pharmacological effects.The extraction was yielding approximately 1,820±0,358 per 100g (w/w) of a dark red powder.Depending LD50(164.43mg/kg. and 159.953mg/kg)of total extract in male and female rats classified this plant as moderately toxic.The hormonal imbalance,ovarian toxicity,and oogenesis disruption in treated female rats by total alkaloids extract for three months of daily IP administration of 3.99 mg/kg/day(1/40LD50)show significant increases in the relative weight of the kidney,heart,lungs,brain,and ovaries.The study shows a substantial increase in PLA,and significant changes in ALAT,ASAT,total and indirect bilirubin,and serum blood urea.The hormonal analysis shows that FSH and Estrogen have increased significantly.The results in maternal toxicity by daily IP administration of 7.99 mg/kg/day(1/20LD50)of total alkaloids extract summarized in confirmed pregnancy rates were high(90-100%),maternal body weight and weight gain changes were statistically significant in all pregnant.Precisely,the relative weight of ovaries was ignificantly changed in all the treated groups.Serum’s biochemical parameters were changed significantly in the group treated compared to the control group. The hormonal analysis shows considerable changes in FSH, Progesterone,and Estrogen levels in treated groups.The results show a significant difference in fetus weight, the number of implantations, and total resorbed litter.For fertility evaluation,the male rats were treated IP with 4.110 mg/kg/day(1/40DL50)of the total alkaloid extract for 90 days and mated with a virgin female at the end of the study period,the results show no maternal morbidity and mortality with a normal behavior during the gestational period. The maternal body weight was changed significantly in all pregnancy rates.Serum’s biochemical analysis shows significant changes in dams. The hormonal analysis shows significant changes in FSH and LH.The results revealed no difference in the number of pregnant females,and a significant difference in corpus luteum number,implantation sites,resorption,and fetal body weights.We can hypothesize that the total extract in the seeds,at the dose used,can stimulate folliculogenesis and ovulation by increasing gonadotropin hormone secretion(FSH and Estradiol),but it has negative effects on maternal toxicity,embryonic development,and abortion.
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Collection(s) :Thèses de doctorat

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