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Titre: Design and implementation of real-time applications based on component models
Auteur(s): Touahria, Imad eddine
Mots-clés: Real time systems (RTS)
Component models
Date de publication: 22-sep-2022
Résumé: Real time systems(RTS)are used in a wide variety of applications,ranging from very simple electronic systems to the most complex avionics and medical systems.RTS are time-related, which means the behavior of these systems depends on the timing requirements.Component based programming is the typical paradigm to develop RTS and this is due to it modular nature,which helps to hide the complexity of such systems and minimizes development costs.Medical monitoring systems in a high acuity patient environment are a good example of RTS,where the presence of more than one device in one clinical situation may affect patient safety because of the lack of communication between these devices and therefore interoperability is needed to avoid hazards and patients’ health status degradation.The interconnection of medical devices in a wider network of computational servers is emerging as a new requirement in modern medicine,where the final goal is to achieve interoperability across medical devices and improve patient safety.
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Collection(s) :Thèses de doctorat

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