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Titre: Pharmacological activities of two plants from the Apiaceae family : Ammoides atlantica (Coss. & Durieu.) H. Wolff. and Athamanta sicula L.
Auteur(s): Loucif, Karima
Mots-clés: ant-ioxidantactivities
anti-enzymatic activities
Date de publication: 11-avr-2022
Résumé: Ammoides atlantica(A.atlantica)and Athamanta sicula L.(A.sicula L.)are two important plants in traditional uses of the Algerian flora.The present study aimed to chemically analyze and to evaluate in vitro antioxidant,anti-acetylcholinesterase and anti-butyrylcholinesterase,anti-tyrosinase,anti-α-amylase and anti-α-glucosidase of A. atlantica and A.sicula L.crude (hydromethanolic)extracts(AACE and ASCE)and their sub-fractions;hexane(AAHE and ASHE),chloroform(AAChE and ASChE),ethyl acetate(AAEAE and ASEAE),butanol(AABE and ASBE)and water(AAWE and ASWE)extracts.Moreover,the gastro-protective and gastro-intestinal motility(gastric emptying and intestinal transit) effects of the AACE and ASCE were also evaluated in vivo.GC-MS analysis revealed that carvacrol,linoleic acid,oleic acid(9-Octadecenoic acid(Z)),palmitic acid were the major compounds in AAHE,whereas,carvacrol,linoleic acid,apiole,palmitic acid were the main constituents in ASHE. The UHPLC-MS analysis showed the presence of one or several of isomer of caffeoylquinic acid and/or its derivative as the main constituent in AACE and its sub-fractions,whereas,malonyl-3,5-dicaffeoylquinic acid I,astragalin formic acid adduct, astragalin and/or cynarin were the main components in ASCE and its sub-fractions.AAEAE and ASEAE had the highest amount of polyphenols,flavonoids,flavonols and tannins.All extracts showed antioxidant and anti-enzymatic activities.The AAEAE and ASEAE fractions were the most active with the majority of tests. AACE and ASCE induced a dose dependent gastric emptying delay in mice.These effects may involve the cyclooxygenase in AACE and ASCE treated animals as well as cholinergic pathways in AACE treated mice.AACE and ASCE extracts dose dependently decreased the intestinal transit.The effect involves NO,cyclooxygenase pathways in AACE and ASCE treated mice and cholinergic system in AACE treated animals.AACE and ASCE offered a dose-dependent protection to the gastric mucosa against ethanol-induced ulceration in rats.This effect may involve at least in part gastric mucus content,cholinergic and nitric oxide pathways and a reduction in the oxidative damage of the mucosa.These results show for the first time new constituents and activities of A.atlantica and A.sicula L.that can be exploited in the field of pharmaceutical,food and cosmetic industries.
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Collection(s) :Thèses de doctorat

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