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Titre: Modeling of reproduction growth and productivity performances of sheep farming in the semi-arid region of Algeria
Auteur(s): Belkasmi, Farida
Mots-clés: Sheep farming
Semi-arid region
Date de publication: 13-jui-2021
Résumé: Adapting to the difficult feed conditions in semi-arid regions of Algeria has particular interest for improving animal performances and livestock breeding productivity. The objectives of our study are to understand and assess the variability production performances of Ouled Djellal sheep, then set up the general patterns and models of variation of ewes’ body condition. Our study was carried out in a commercial farm ‘Yehia Ben Aichouche’ in the semi-arid region, and involved 696 ewes and 737 lambs of Ouled Djellal sheep breeds. Our results allowed us to estimate the animals’ production performances with the determination of limit values (2.75 at breeding and 2.5 at lambing) for enhanced performances. Achieved results also allowed us to find an association between ewes’ live weight and theirs body condition score, and makes possible to predict lambs’ birth weight. Our results showed that Gompertz and Logistics models represented the best the growth curves of Ouled Djellal lambs. The viability of lambs can be improved by consuming colostrum which has shown good quality in Ouled Djellal sheep breed. The strengthening of the sheep sector in Algeria requires adapted solutions to our production systems which consist in selecting the resilient ewes to better manage the feeding behavior and subsequently strengthen the sector by the most efficient animals that give the best performances.
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