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Titre: Optical methods for detection and analysis the pollutants in water
Auteur(s): Azil, Kenza
Mots-clés: optical CCD line sensor
methylene blue (MB)
Date de publication: 8-jui-2021
Résumé: In this thesis the theory,design,fabrication and characterization was reported;to delve into the optical fiber sensor based on evanescent wave absorption,for testing methylene blue(MB)at the laboratory of applied optics(Algeria).The designed sensor represents a significant advancement to accurately monitor MB concentration changes in distilled water.This investigation was in good agreement with previously reported studies.In addition,a turbidity NaCl measurement system intended for water quality monitoring was carried out at the Photonics research laboratory(Turkey).Following to the theoretical investigation about the standard techniques to control the turbidity as well as ,experimental results from turbidity system that was employed to control the water quality by using electro-optic components,based on a combined measurement of transmitted and forward scattered light using an optical CCD line sensor array was introduced . The experimental results have shown that trustable measurements of water turbidity in a wide turbidity range can be achieved with the proposed method.
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Collection(s) :Thèses de doctorat

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