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Titre: Haute qualité environnementale dans les espaces domestiques collectifs
Auteur(s): Kassis, Fayçal
Mots-clés: les espaces domestiques
Date de publication: 12-mar-2019
Résumé: Algeria has for over a decade intense urban development and sustained thanks to mega projects launched such as: major infrastructure, public facilities and program a million homes ... But as the building sector (residential and tertiary) is the first energy station with nearly 42% of the annual energy balance, this has led to a continuous pressure on energy sources, which can lead to the depletion of these resources and also causes irreversible damage on the environment ... Algeria, in April 1993 by ratifying the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, fully supports the commitments to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint, as well as to reduce the impact of energy consumption by the substitution of non-renewable energy ... In the past, the quantitative aspect in all areas of precedence over all other considerations, today, governments are beginning to take awareness vis-à-vis this new energy concern and the importance of environmental considerations into the development process, as evidenced by conferences and seminars over the past few years ... This new sustainability implies urgent need for rational use of resources and the need to integrate necessary energy and environmental criteria in the manufacturing process or rehabilitation of a residential building desired high environmental quality ... However, its sustainability throughout its life cycle is guaranteed by a process that goes from the use of ecomaterials to eco-gesture citizen ... In view of these factors, we must address the issue of environmental quality in the home, tracking conditions of comfort and health within the housing and environmental impact, applied to a large set of eighties "BROTHERS SAADI" the referential as quoted in the city of Skikda, trying to sensitize the different actors involved in the act of building a vision and loosen the practical application of environmental quality approach in domestic spaces collective.
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Collection(s) :Mémoires de magistère

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