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Titre: A dynamic corona model for EMTP computation of multiple and non-standard impulses on transmission lines using a type-94 circuit component
Auteur(s): Anane, Zahira
Bayadi, Abdelhafid
Harid, Noureddine
Mots-clés: Corona model
Q–V characteristics
Insulation coordination
Date de publication: 23-jan-2019
Collection/Numéro: Electric Power Systems Research;Volume 163, Part A, October 2018, Pages 133-139
Résumé: In this paper, a new non-linear corona model for computation of overvoltages of standard and non-standard oscillatory shape is proposed and implemented in a new model in ATP-EMTP using MODELS simulation language. The corona model is solved simultaneously with the rest of simulated system interacting with it as a circuit element; this is accomplished by using the model with a type-94 circuit component. The model can be used to compute the lightning overvoltage that propagates on overhead transmission lines. The model computes the position of the corona space charge generated around the conductor to its diffusion at the conductor surface. An analysis for the computed results is made with an emphasis on the differences between the Q–V curves under impulse overvoltages of lightning, switching, oscillatory, and multiple-impulse type. Charge, electric field and voltage are related macroscopically in the model. The proposed model is verified by a comparison of the simulation results with measurements results available in the literature.
URI/URL: http://dspace.univ-setif.dz:8888/jspui/handle/123456789/3085
ISSN: 0378-7796
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