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Titre: Chemical Composition, Antimicrobial Activity and Chromosome Number of Senecio giganteus D esf . from Algeria
Auteur(s): Kenoufi, Meriem
Lograda, Takia
Chalard, P
Figueredo, G
Ramdani, M
Mots-clés: Senecio giganteus
Esse ntial oil
antibacterial activity
Date de publication: 14-oct-2018
Collection/Numéro: International Journal of Pharmacognosy and P hytochemical Research;2016; Volume 8 Issue(11 ); 177 2 - 1777
Résumé: The species Senecio giganteus is endemic to North Africa, especially in streams of mound. The essential oil isolated from aerial parts of S. giganteus from Ain Roua (Setif) region was submitted to the hydrodistillation; the yield obtained is very low 0.02% (v/w). The oil was analysed by GC and GC/MS. The chemical analysis has allowed identifying 40 compounds corresponding to 92.38 %. The oxygenated sesquiterpenes are dominant in the essential oil of S. giganteus with 21.22% and the hexadecanoic acid is the major component (17.80%), followed by isophytol (12.43%), pentanol 3 methyl (7.28%) and phytol (6.66%). The Essential oil of S. giganteus was tested for antimicrobial activity; it showed a modest effect against the strains tested. The karyological investigation of the population of S. giganteus has revealed a tetraploid chromosome number 2n = 4x = (20 + 2B), this number is reported for the first time in Algeria.
Description: Available Online:15th November, 2016
URI/URL: http://dspace.univ-setif.dz:8888/jspui/handle/123456789/2735
ISSN: 0975 - 4873
Collection(s) :Articles

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