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دراسة ارتباطات الصفات و الأجيال عند عشائر من القمح الصلب بالمناطق شبه الجافة >

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Titre: دراسة ارتباطات الصفات و الأجيال عند عشائر من القمح الصلب(Triticum durum Desf.) بالمناطق شبه الجافة
Auteur(s): Oulmi, A
Fellahi, Z
Semcheddine, N
Benmahammed, A
Mots-clés: Phenotypi corr ث lation
R e gression
S e lection
Tol e rance
Triticum durum
Date de publication: 8-aoû-2018
Collection/Numéro: Agriculture Journal Biannual journal, edited by Ferhat ABBAS University, Sétif1;Volume 9. N°1-2018
Résumé: The use of c orrelation coefficients has been a key of the breeding programs success . Breed ers, during the selection process, most often rely on these indicators, which provide a large number of benefits, such as estimation of the response to selection and contribute to increase its efficiency, making possible to improve more than one trait at a time. In this context, a field study was conducted during the 2009 - 2013 crop years on the Experimental Station of the Technical Institute of Field Crops (ITGC) of Sétif. It aims to study the correlations and the interactions between the pheno - morpho - physi ological traits of F3 - F7 durum wheat ( Triticum durum Des f .) generations. The results of the general analysis of the inter - traits association indicated a positive and significant correlation between grain yield, economic yield and number of spikes in all hy brids Ofanto/MBB, Ofanto/Waha and Ofanto/Mrb 5 , which allows us to propose the biomass and spikes number as early and rapid selection criteria for screening desirable wheat genotypes in semi - arid areas. The study of the relationship showed the absence of si gnificant correlations between yield and the abiotic stresses resistance attributes (TCV, DSI). However, a significant negative and significant correlation between relative water content and canopy temperature has been found, suggesting that genotypes with high leaves water content have a more active respiratory process, making the canopy cover fresher. The regression analysis showed a linear positive trend of grain yield on spikes number and economic yield
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Collection(s) :دراسة ارتباطات الصفات و الأجيال عند عشائر من القمح الصلب بالمناطق شبه الجافة

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