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Titre: تخبط مشاريع الاستصلاح الفلاحي بالسهوب الجزائرية بين الاستمرارية و الفشل: حالة المناطق السهبية المحاذية لواد الطويل بولايتي تيارت و الجلفة
Auteur(s): Hadjadj, N
Hedaid, M
Mots-clés: agricultural sector
Ag ricultural Reclamation
Agricultural perimeter
Date de publication: 8-aoû-2018
Collection/Numéro: Agriculture Journal;Biannual journal, edited by Ferhat ABBAS University, Sétif1
Volume 9. N°1-2018;
Résumé: The agricultural sector in Algeria went through a series of stages to realize the shortcomings and solve the problems that had the sector since colonialism, "but the competent authorities have established some commissions and then dissolved and compensated by some other commissions within the scheme of the future, and often dominated by demagogic words unrelated to the reality, such as achieving unrealistic gr owth rates and trying to develop all sectors in ones trying to reach the economic independence ", and it introduced the Agricultural Reclamation Law 18 - 83 (APFA) to promote extensive agriculture in the desert and steppe regions, but even though the huge in vestments and large interventions were done, they couldn’t achieve their vision. The results obtained are a translation of the field work that affected 281 agricultural recruits distributed over 50 municipalities adjacent to the long valley ( O ued Touil ) a nd belonging to the states of Tiaret and Djelfa, where we recorded the problems of these reforms, which hindered its success and became a failure, due to the lack of The adaptation of the superficial surface soil with the reclamation project and the lack o f irrigation water and the total dependence on the groundwater, which led to depletion. Moreover, the non - specialization of the beneficiaries of the reclamation project in the agricultural activity was subject to failure.
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ISSN: 2170-1059
ISMN: EISNN 2588-2155
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