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Titre: Propriétés Optiques des Nanostructures d’Oxyde de Zinc (ZnO)
Auteur(s): Marouf, Sara
Date de publication: 9-avr-2018
Résumé: Over the last decade, profound progress has been made in the field of nanotechnology. This has motivated the development of nanomaterials and the different techniques of their elaboration. The nanostructured thin films of metal oxide continue to receive considerable attention from both fundamental point of view and application, mainly because of their highly exploited properties. Of particular interest is zinc oxide an n type semiconductor that exhibits excellent properties which makes it useful in many interesting and relevant fields such as optoelectronics. Consequently, the present work consists of the synthesis and the characterization of pure and doped ZnO thin films in order to improve its structural, optical and electrical properties. The films were deposited on glass substrates by wet chemical methods. The characterizations of Nd and Pr doped ZnO thin films shows that these dopants are able to modify optical properties of ZnO films by increasing the band gap and enhancing the transmittance and photoluminescence intensity which makes this film suitable for instance to be used in displays technology. The characterization of Al doped ZnO thin films showed that doping with Al affects the structural, morphological and electrical properties of ZnO. Al is thus promising dopant since the films present high optical transmittance combined with low resistivity which constitutes an interesting alternative for optoelectronic applications. In particular we demonstrated the possibility of depositing Al doped ZnO thin films at low temperature which is compatible with heat-sensitive substrates, such as those envisaged for flexible solar cell or other bendable electronic applications.
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