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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
30-jui-2018Crystal structure, vibrational, spectral investigation, quantum chemical DFT calculations and thermal behavior of Diethyl [hydroxy (phenyl) methyl] phosphonateOuksel, Louiza; Chafaa, Salah; Bourzami, Riadh; Hamdouni, Noudjoud; Sebais, Miloud; Chafai, Nadjib
29-nov-2018Electrochemical and Quantum Chemical Studies of Adsorption and Corrosion Inhibition of Two New Schiff Bases on Carbon Steel in Hydrochloric Acid MediaDebab, Houria; Douadi, Tahar; Daoud, Djamel; Issaadi, Saifi; Chafaa, Salah
27-nov-2018Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and a comparative study of the corrosion inhibitive efficiency of ana-aminophosphonate and Schiff base derivatives: Experimental and theoretical investigationsBenbouguerra, Khalissa; Chafaa, Salah; Chafai, Nadjib; Mehri, Mouna; Moumeni, Ouahiba; Hellal, Ouahiba
Showing results 1 to 3 of 3


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