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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
16-jan-2019A novel nickel(II) complex obtained from 2-[(3-bromo-propylimino)-methyl]-phenol as a ligand: synthesis, structural characterization, electrochemical and electrocatalytical investigationsOurari, Ali; Zoubeidi, Chahinaz; Derafa, Wassila; Bouacida, Sofiane; Merazig, Hocine; Morallon, Morallon
9-déc-2018Aqua{4,4 00 0 -dimethoxy-2,2 00 0 -[pyridine-2,3-diylbis(nitrilomethanylylidene)]-diphenolato}copper(II)Benghanem, Fatiha; Benramdane, Razika; Bouacida, Sofiane; Keraghel, Saida; Ourari, Ali
21-nov-2018Bentonite Modified Carbon Paste Electrode as a Selective Electrochemical Sensor for the Detection of Cadmium and Lead in Aqueous SolutionOurari, Ali; Tennah, Farid; Ruíz-Rosas, Ramiro; Aggoun, Djouhra; Morallón, Emilia
29-jui-2018Crystal Structure and Corrosion Inhibition Properties of Ferrocenyl- and Phenylendiamine-Iminomethylphenoxy Cobalt ComplexesBelhadj, Nadra; Ourari, Ali; Keraghel, Saida; Schöllhorn, Bernd; Matt, Dominique
9-déc-2018Synthesis and characterization of a new Schiff base derived from 2,3-diaminopyridine and 5-methoxysalicylaldehyde and its Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes. Electrochemical and electrocatalytical studiesBenramdane, Razika; Benghanem, Fatiha; Ourari, Ali; Keraghel, Saida; Bouet, Gilles
20-jan-2019Synthesis, characterization, X-ray structures, and biological activity of some metal complexes of the Schiff base 2,2 0 -(((azanediylbis (propane-3,1-diyl))bis(azanylylidene))bis(methanylylidene))diphenolCharef, Noureddine; Sebti, Fouzia; Arrar, Lekhmici; Djarmouni, Meriem; Boussoualim, Naouel; Baghiani, Abderrahmane; Khennouf, Seddik; Ourari, Ali; lDamen, Murad A; Mubarakd, Mohammad S; Peters, Dennis G
16-jan-2019Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization, Electrochemical Properties and Biological Activity of 1-[(4Hydroxyanilino)-methylidene] naphthalen-2(1H)-one and its Mn (III) ComplexChahmana, Safia; Keraghel, Saida; Benghanem, Fatiha; Rosas, Ruíz R.; Ourari, Ali; Morallón, E
29-jui-2018Ultrasound-promoted aromatic nucleophilic substitution of dichlorobenzene iron(II) complexesRaouafi, Noureddine; Belhadj, Nadra; Boujlel, Khaled; Ourari, Ali; Amatore, Christian; Maisonhaute, Emmanuel; Schöllhorn, Bernd
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8


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